FLR Weekend

I get a weeks notice for these weekends. This one is to start earlier than usual on Thursday evening.

Thursday. I get back from work, shower and put on the chastity device Mistress has chosen. I present myself for inspection but have forgotten that I should be wearing feminine underwear! I put it on my list if mistemeanours. I pour Mistress a glass of wine and tidy the kitchen. She asks me to run the vacuum cleaner over the front room and give it a tidy. I prepare dinner and we watch some TV. Mistress is tired so goes up to start getting ready for bed. I pack away dinner and tidy the kitchen and downstairs. I take up water to Mistress. She has sore legs from a new exercise class, I massage her beautiful long legs. She has removed her knickers and reminds me not to touch her pussy in any way. She teasing me. I keep massaging her legs looking longingly and what a can’t have or even touch. She’s done with me, she’s tired and has no use for me. The maintenance spank will be added to tomorrow’s as she is too tired to administer it this evening. Sleeping for me is difficult. I’m not used to the post of the chastity device through my PA. It keeps me awake.

Friday: I get up at 7 as Mistress has ordered tea for 7.15. She is going out for the day. I take her her tea. She requests toast and marmite be bought up too. I make her lunch and pack it up for her. She gives me a list of jobs to do while she is out. I strip the bed, wash the sheets and hang them on the line. I need to go to the supermarket and the butcher’s. Tidy the garden too as she has friends coming round for a BBQ. Annoyingly work is super busy and I don’t manage to sort out the garden before she returns. This failure is added to my list of mistemeanours. I prepare all the food for Her BBQ and cook all the meat. I make sure all her friends have drinks all evening and everyone has a good time. Once all the guests have left I’m told to tidy up while Mistress showers. Half an hour later I take Mistress her water, she is naked moisturising in the bathroom, she looks devine. I fantasize about being able to fuck her, but I know that’s not going to happen. My cock is straining in the chastity device. She tells me to shower and be super quick. 2 mins later she’s naked on the bed. I’m told to fetch the punishment cane. She administers 12 sharp strokes. Then I get three of her best, really really hard strokes. I flinch at the first, it hurts. 2 more, I’m told and stop flinching. The last one leaves me in pain, my backside on fire, bright red stripes begin to appear. I manage to say thank you Mistress. I’m then ordered to suck her nipples, one by one. I relish each nipple in my mouth, I’m honoured. She starts playing with herself, I can’t help watching her fingers playing with her pussy, she starts to let out small moans. She orders me to get between her legs. I lick and play with her pussy. I’m in heaven. My penis is engorged, straining against the confines of my chastity device. I’m down there for ages, trying to please my Mistress as best I can. She comes several times. Then She’s done. I’m ordered to stop. She’s finished with me. I’m ordered to put on a blindfold and lie at the end of the bed. Wait until Mistress is asleep then I may go to bed. Under no circumstances must I remove my blindfold or move until she is fast asleep. I lie there, I can hear Mistress open her Kindle, She begins to read. I listen to her breathing. I don’t know how long I wait, half an hour perhaps. Her breathing is now very slow. I gingerly remove my blindfold, She’s fast asleep. I creep into my side of the bed.

Saturday: I’m woken by Mistress ordering tea. I ask if She would like any breakfast. Just tea. Jobs for today are to prune and tidy the garden. She has a list of items to sell on eBay. Vacuum the ground floor. Clean our bathroom. It’s hot today. The underwear Mistress has chosen for me is a very small lacy G-string. It’s uncomfortable, the string is always up my backside, I can’t get away from it. It doesn’t sit well with my chastity device either. Working in the garden it’s hot and I have to keep adjusting the G-string and chastity device otherwise it’s really annoying. The gardening takes me well into the afternoon. Mistress comes out to inspect now and again. She also wants the front of the kitchen cabinets cleaned and we’ve run out of chips so I have to go to the supermarket too. I complete all my tasks and fetch Mistress a beer. She wants a slice of lime in it so I have to go back to the supermarket, she wants it quickly so I jog / walk as fast as I can. I cook dinner, clear away and tidy the kitchen. Mistress informs me that I will be her piss slave tonight. She enjoyed it so much last time. I get another glass of wine for her and also a large glass of water. I’m ordered to shower, prepare the bathroom and wait ready for her to use me as her toilet. She seems to take a very long time. I continue to wait. She appears ready to use me. She removes her knickers and straddles my face on the toilet rim. I wait. Nothing happens. I wait some more. She’s can’t do it apparently, stage fright! She’ll be back. I wait. We try again several times, she’s desperate but just can’t do it. I trying licking her pussy. A very very slow stream enters my mouth. It’s short and only lasts a few seconds then another one comes, the same again. She’s frustrated and annoyed. I’m told to lick it all clean and get out the way. I lie on the floor in front of her. Once I’m out of the way she can empty her bladder. It’s all my fault apparently. I’ll be punished. I fetch the punishment cane. I bend over the end of the bed, bottom high in the air. She administers 15 very hard strokes. My backside is on fire by the last stroke. She has really hit me hard tonight. I think she’s frustrated she couldn’t use me as her piss slave. I’m told to put on my blindfold, kneel at the foot of the bed until she falls asleep. I can hear her getting ready for bed, she brushes past me. She’s in bed. I wait as I can hear her breathing. Time seems to stand still while I wait, blindfolded. My knees go numb after a while. She must be asleep, it seems like I’ve been kneeling for hours. I wait what seems like another 10 mins just to make sure She’s asleep. I remove my blindfold, She’s asleep. I get into bed my chastity device locked firmly around my cock. It’s never the best night’s sleep being locked away.

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