DIY Blackout Blindfold

I’ve never found the perfect blindfold. Either you can see underneath it or it falls off. It’s never quite right. So I decided to create my own. I do quite a bit of open water swimming so I had some old goggles that I thought would make a perfect blindfold if I could black out […]

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FLR Weekend

I get a weeks notice for these weekends. This one is to start earlier than usual on Thursday evening. Thursday. I get back from work, shower and put on the chastity device Mistress has chosen. I present myself for inspection but have forgotten that I should be wearing feminine underwear! I put it on my […]

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Laser Hair Removal Update

Three quarters of my way through my laser hair removal that the Wife ordered. She chose the amount and shape of the hair to be retained. She’s contemplating asking for the last 2 sessions to be the whole lot again so the remaining hair is thinner. I shall obviously do what she requests.

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