DIY Blackout Blindfold

I’ve never found the perfect blindfold. Either you can see underneath it or it falls off. It’s never quite right. So I decided to create my own. I do quite a bit of open water swimming so I had some old goggles that I thought would make a perfect blindfold if I could black out the lenses.

I lightly sanded the lenses, masked out the surrounds and bought some black car spray paint. I gave the lenses about 10 coats in all. Now they are completely blacked out. I can’t even see shadows or see if the lights have been turned on or off. It’s completely dark. I love it.

Blackout Goggles
Inside View

They never fall off, they fit perfectly. I also like them because unlike blindfolds that are close to your eyes you can have your eyes open but see absolutely nothing. It’s quite unnerving and adds to the feeling of helplessness I crave.

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