Piss Slave For My Mistress

The Wife has a bucket list of kinks that She would like to make reality. One of these involves my mouth and Her piss.

To be honest I have a fantasy that I’m in the female toilets of a very busy night club. I’m fully encased in a heavy leather suit and bound tightly on the floor, on my back. A funnel gag is strapped into my mouth and a queening stool is placed over the funnel gag. There is a queue of ladies desperate to urinate. One by one they take it in turns to hitch up their skirts and urinate into my mouth. I can see this all happening above me but can do anything about it. To stop me from drowning I have to keep drinking the piss as fast as I can. One by one they just keep coming, I have to just keep drinking, there is no let up at all. Piss starts going everywhere as I struggle with the amount that I’m being fed.

With this in mind the Wife decided it was about time some of this fantasy became a reality. Mistress’ carefully prepared House Champagne was to be served!

I was told to put on my chastity device. The evening’s proceedings were to be for the Wife’s pleasure not mine and were to test my levels of submission.

I prepared dinner which was served with Her favourite crisp dry white wine. I was apprehensive, I had never submitted myself to this degree before. I had knots in my stomach. With every sip of wine Mistress took I wondered what it would taste like when delivered into my mouth later.

I cleared away dinner and tidied the kitchen while Mistress watched television. The anticipation building inside of me.

In preparation She told me to put towels on the floor of our bathroom then come back and watch some TV until She was ready. She was enjoying prolonging my humiliation.

“Right piss slave I’m ready to use you now. Go and get ready for your Mistress” She said to me about an hour later. I went up to the bathroom, stripped down to my chastity device and lay on my back with the back of my head resting on the rim of the toilet seat. My heart was pumping in my chest. Could I actually do this? I heard Mistress’ footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Well piss slave, are you ready to drink your Mistress’ champagne? For your information this will just be the start of your piss slave career. It will be very useful knowing I can utilise your mouth whenever I need it. Perhaps I will use you more often if you do a good job” She said as she entered the bathroom. She had started to undo her trousers and pull down her knickers. She kicked them off and began to straddle my face.

“Open your mouth wide, do not spill a single drop”. Her pussy was just a few centimetres from my face. There was a slight pause and then it began. A jet of my Mistress’ urine hit my face, She adjusted her aim slightly so the full stream went into my mouth.

“Oh dear piss slave, you’ve spilt some, what did I tell you. You will be punished for that later”. I was still struggling with my first mouthful of Mistress’ piss to worry. The unfamiliar warm and slightly salty taste in my mouth, the amount and my complete submission to my wonderful Mistress was messing with my head.

I was drinking it down as fast as I could. Mistress was stopping and starting the flow as she saw I was struggling, letting me drink down every mouthful before She released another load into my mouth.

After She had released 5 or 6 loads her bladder was empty. She pushed Her pussy lips tight up against my mouth and ordered me to clean Her, making sure not a drop was left. I licked Her pussy clean and the surrounding area making sure I left nothing so Mistress would be happy.

“Well done piss slave. Although unfortunately you spilt the first few drops therefore you will stay in your chastity device tonight. Clean up the mess in this bathroom and take a shower. Once clean your next task is perform cunnilingus on me so hurry up”

With my head still spinning and an unfamiliar slightly salty taste in my mouth I went for a shower. I was happy with my submission and show of devotion to my Mistress. Hopefully she was happy with the service I provided for her.

Back in the bedroom after my shower I set about pleasing my Mistress with my tongue until She had come a couple of times. Then She told me to stop. She was done with me now. My cock was throbbing inside my chastity device. I wanted to rip it off and have sex with my Mistress but I knew that was never going to happen. Frustrated I crawled into bed hoping my frustration would subside.

“Water slave. Where’s my water?”. I’d forgotten to bring up a glass of water for my Mistress and put it on Her bedside table. Still naked apart from my chastity device I fetched some water from the kitchen and put it on Mistress’ bedside table and crawled back into bed my humiliation and submission for the day was complete.

And that was the end of my first experience drinking my Mistress’ house champagne. I very much doubt it will be my last.

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