Male Laser Hair Removal

The Wife isn’t a fan of pubic hair. I’ve always kept mine very short and trimmed as a result. This was quite tedious, shaving the whole area all the time. She told me to go and have the area lasered, get it removed permanently. She had her’s lasered into a gorgeous micro landing strip a long time ago.

I booked into have a trial area done which went ok. It’s like a tiny pin prick every time the laser fires which is no big deal.

The Wife had told me she wanted me to be completely bare apart from a small square of hair just above my penis. She wanted me to include the perianal area which is from your scrotum right up to and including your bum crack.

I’m sure I saw a slight look of surprise on the face of the laser assistant when I explained to her what I wanted removed. She advised this is called a Hollywood. The cost for this would be £600. This is for a series of 8 treatments, one every 6 weeks. The first was booked in for 24 hrs later. I was told that I need to shave everywhere where I wanted the hair removed.

During the appointment I was told to remove my underwear and lie on a bed on my back. The assistant then fired the laser over the whole area including scrotum. I then turned onto my back and held my bottom cheeks open while she treated it.

The treatment produces a burning smell as the laser burns the hair follicles which is slightly disconcerting!

I was advised to have everything treated for the first 3 sessions including the area I wanted to keep. This would thin out the hair and reduce hair growth.

Once the treatment is over you rub a cooling and moisturising aloe Vera cream everywhere.

The picture below is after 3 sessions

Hollywood Male Hair Removal

I am now halfway through my treatment. I’ve let the small square of hair grow back but everywhere else hair growth is almost non-existent. If it does grow it is super fine. I think I do a quick shave of the area once a week, if that, to keep everything tidy. The skin is wonderfully smooth and the Wife is happy with the lack of hair.

I will post a picture once I have completed all 8 treatments.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions or want any advice.

2 thoughts on “Male Laser Hair Removal

  1. Assuming that you have quite pale skin, didn’t you consider having an IPL device at home? Both technology (laser and IPL) are resulting the same, but with the latter, everything can be done at home.
    Anyways, It’s been a very exciting and informative log of your journey, as I am tempted with similar urges, (including PA) though none of them came to reality yet. Reading about your FLR is a big add-on, and, to be honest, that was the primal reason to read through all of your entries. Being absolutely curious about the dynamics of your FLR I am happy to see that you keep on blogging, and keep on posting all these kinks!
    Regards and good luck!


    1. Thanks for your kind words. Yes I did consider a home laser kit but was a little worried about using it in my groin and backside area. I thought it better to leave it to a professional.

      Get the PA done, it’s not half as bad as you think and great fun once healed 😁


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