Machine to Fuck Her

The Wife had plans for me and her gratification. I was told to purchase Viagra, numbing cream and several thick condoms for the following Saturday.

I was told to shower and remove all my pubic hair as the Wife isn’t keen on hair down there. At 22.30 she told me to take one Viagra as She wanted me as rock hard as possible for as long as possible.

In the bedroom, an hour later, I was ordered to strip and rub the numbing cream all over my penis making sure I stopped a good centimetre above the base as She didn’t want to get any near Her. She then rolled two thick condoms over my penis. I was told to stand at the foot of the bed. She started stripping in front of me. Once naked she lay on the bed and spread her legs. She told me that on no account was I to come until she told me I could.

To start proceedings she told me to perform cunnilingus on her. Once she was satisfied with my work she told me to start fucking her slowly. The Viagra was making my cock rock solid. As I entered her I felt completely nothing around my penis, no sensation at all. She reminded me that I was not to come until she was completely satisfied. I was just a machine to fuck Her for as long and hard as She wanted.

Even if I had want to come there was very little chance. The numbing cream had done it’s job, I had no feeling in my penis. It was a bit of a head fuck, I was super hard and all I wanted was to get sensation back and come good and hard. But the Wife was having none of it. She was running the show, getting me to fuck her in many different positions, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Having Her way with me and getting exactly what She wanted.

We must have been going at it for a couple of hours when she decided She had come enough times. She was done with me. I was told to clean up and masturbate out of Her sight if I had to. I did give it a try, it took a while. I only managed it as the feeling began to come back to my cock as the numbing cream wore off.

I think it was one of the most frustrating sex sessions I had ever had. But Mistress was happy.

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