Female Led Relationship Manifesto FLR

Mistress decided I needed to be reminded who was in control as my discipline towards Her was slowly being eroded. She was going to control me for the week. She needed to know I understood what was required of me so I had to produce a Manifesto for Her.

My Manifesto

To ensure You are happy at all times.

My aims:

  1. For You to have a very pleasant weekend / week / month
  2. I will indulge Your every whim
  3. I will shape my behaviour more to Your liking
  4. I will be attentive and always aim to please You
  5. I will try to learn what you like and anticipate Your desires
  6. I will work on perfecting my execution of every task You assign to me
  7. I will call You Miss (short for Mistress) unless inappropriate then I will call You by Your first name


  • If You so desire you can start proceedings at any time.
  • Minimum duration will be 72 hours.
  • There is no maximum duration, I will continue until You say stop

I agree that:

  • You can take your mood out on me
  • You can be unfair to me with your decisions
  • Any requests from me for anything sexual will result in punishment – see maintenance spank below
  • You will pick my clothes or have final say in what I wear if You so desire
  • I will wear a chastity device the entire time unless under strict supervision, or permission has been granted to remove it for cleaning.  Unauthorized removal will result in a forfeit of your choice. Removal time will always be as short as practical.
  • I will wear an item of feminine underwear at all times.  I have purchased high wasted long legged shape-ware female underwear for wearing while undertaking all cleaning duties.
  • I will ask permission to exercise, or you can tell me to exercise.  You can choose the duration or distance of any exercise you choose for me ie. Run, row, cycle – 5, 10, 15, 20k – free weights duration.  Exercise time can also be denied due to performing of assigned tasks at Your discretion.
  • I will wear a semi-permanent tattoo for the weekend if You so desire
  • You may write on me with permanent marker if You so desire
  • I will prepare any food You request
  • You watch whatever TV you prefer
  • Practice what is commonly referred to as ruined orgasms if so directed.
  • The “double jeopardy” climax clause.  If I climax I have to eat all of my semen.
  • Maintenance spank.  Present myself each night for a spanking.  You decide whether to administer this based on my performance during the day or your mood.  Alternatively the number of strokes and severity can be decided on rolls 2 dice.  This is a guaranteed nightly spanking to keep me in line and focus me throughout the day.
  • Your sexual desires are paramount in the bedroom.  Mine are not relevant.

Tasks (but not limited to):

  • All cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Painting
  • Shopping
  • Polishing shoes
  • Cleaning windows
  • Cooking
  • Car cleaning
  • Oven cleaning

Final Thoughts

  • Rear stimulation: wear a butt plug or the remote control g-spot vibrator while performing some tasks
  • Used as Your piss toilet when requested to do so
  • Piercing: I will get a piercing wherever you so desire
  • Be a piece of furniture at anytime
  • Shave my whole body below the neck and present myself for inspection

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