Pubic Piercing: Bigger 3.2mm X 21mm CBR

It’s been about six months since I had my pubic piercing put in. It’s a great piercing, I love how it looks and it makes me feel good when I see it. I’ve had the same 2.4mm X 19mm CBR from the begging so I thought it was about time I went up a size. It’s not completely healed, I still get a few crusties on it and some sebum excretion so it is still healing but nothing that worries me. So I got the next gauge and diameter CBR a 3.2mm X 21mm. Fitting it was quite easy, I showered and then lubed up the old ring and slid it out of the hole, I lubed up a 3.2mm curved taper and ran it through the hole very slowly a few times. Once the hole was very slightly stretched and nicely lubed up the larger CBR went through after a couple of attempts, no pain. Happy me.

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