Guiche: Gone but not forgotten

Unfortunately I had to retire my guiche. It was a hard decision but in the end it was the right decision.

I enjoyed it while it was in but I made a mistake when I changed the curved barbell to a CBR. As I’ve said in a previous post the ring gave me all sorts of trouble and it never really fully recovered. I tried my hardest to keep it but it was always bordering on getting infected and was always red no matter how many salt baths I had or whatever treatment I gave it. Cycling 12km every day to work didn’t help and I think that was aggravating it and stopping it healing. I couldn’t let it dictate my life so i retired it.

One day, if my circumstances change, I will definitely get another put in. When it was not giving me grief it was a very pleasant experience, on a very stimulating and erogenous part of my body.

Gone, but definitely not forgotten. It will be back.

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