Pubic Piercing: E-Stim Chastity Device

I’ve had this Public Enemy No1 E-Stim device for a while but haven’t worn it for ages. After my Saturday jobs the Wife told me to lock myself away in it. We had some of her friends round for an early evening BBQ so I had to entertain them all locked up and knowing full well I was in for a shocking evening. Once they had gone I cleared and tidied everything away while the Wife watched some TV. Once she had inspected my work and was satisfied the kitchen was spotless I was told to strip naked, put on my rubber gas mask, connect up the E-Stim control box and present it and myself to her. She can be quite sadistic at times and this was one of those times. She started my shock treatment at a very high level, I nearly jumped across the room! The chastity device focuses the shock towards the head of my penis so it’s quite intense. The Wife was using the E-Stim device in manual mode so she had positioned me so I couldn’t see the TV and away from her so I couldn’t see her adjusting the shock level or when she was going to hit the button. Over the next half hour I was ordered to sit as still as possible as she increased the shock level from painful to excruciatingly painful. I was only allowed to say “Thank you Mistress” after each random shock. The gas mask strapped to my face meant I had to regulate my breathing to a steady rate but this kept being disrupted after every painful shock!
Once the wife was bored with me she unlocked me, told me to masterbate but not come until she told me to. After an agonizingly long time stroking lubed up dick she handed me her empty wine glass and, on her command, told me to ejaculate into it and then drink every drop. She knows it’s not my favourite thing in the world and once she commanded, to my horror, I came and came and came into the wine glass, loads and loads of come spurted into the glass. “Take off your mask” she said slowly with a vicious grin on her face “and swallow every drop”. I put the glass to my mouth and about half dropped in. It was cold, salty, thick and had a slight taste of wine. I swallowed. “And the rest” she said “hurry up”. The last big dollop slid into my mouth, I swallowed and gagged as it hit my stomach. The Wife laughed, told me to bring her a glass of water and disappeared up to bed. I could still taste the semen in my mouth and feel it in my stomach, I gagged again. I was done.

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