Guiche: Four Weeks

Everything is back to as normal is it can be with a piercing in your perineum. All the pain has gone, I don’t walk like John Wayne and the benefits are starting to emerge. It has definitely made the area more sensitive and I come a lot harder if it is massaged and played with. The next thing I want to try once I have a ring in it is a few weights to see what sensation that gives, I shall book an appointment with my piercer to get a ring fitted.

There have been low moments over the last four weeks, the nagging pain between your legs for days and days when you sit down or move was the worst and I contemplated taking it out just so there was no more pain. But I’m so glad I didn’t.

If you do want a guiche you need to know there will be 4 weeks of pain but I would still do it again as it feels amazing once healed a I think it looks great too.

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