Guiche: Near Disaster

While I was undressing last night my curved bar ball from my guiche fell onto the floor with one of it’s balls missing from the end. I was in a state of panic, scrabbling around on the floor looking for the missing ball. To make matters worse we are away on holiday so I don’t have any spares or anything else I could put back in it. The Wife came to the rescue, she had seen a small ball rolling around the kitchen floor, what are the odds of that!

My next problem is getting it back in, I was convinced it was never going to happen. Due to the location of a guiche piercing it’s really difficult for me to see it, if I pull up my balls and bend myself almost double I can just about see it, but that makes it near impossible to do any accurate threading of a barbell back into a tiny hole. I was panicking.

Yet again the Wife came to the rescue, she said she would try and thread it back in for me, genius!

I dropped the barbell and ball into a cup of boiling water and jumped into the shower to hopefully loosen everything up. Once dry I used E45 cream to lubricate everything as it was the only lubricant we had. I got onto my hands a knees and stuck my butt in the air so the wife had easy access to the guiche. Once we’d stopped laughing about the absurdity of the situation the Wife threaded the barbell through the hole really really gently as I was petrified that as it was such a new piercing it was going to hurt but to my absolute amazement it slipped through very easily with no pain at all. The Wife found the hardest thing to do was to screw the ball into the barbell with E45 on her hands. Once she had cleaned off the E45 she screwed it on and we were done. It was back in – what a relief.

This whole experience has made me realize I want to get a captive bead ring into the guiche as quickly as possible as it is way way harder for those to fall out and also I have an amazing wife.

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