Pubic Piercing: It’s In

I now have a pubic piercing to add to my collection, a 2.4mm X 19mm CBR.

I feel a little sorry for my piercer, every time I go she has to have my dick in her face, right up close and personal. It’s a hazard of the job I suppose. Anyway she took a good long while to mark exactly where she wanted it to go, adjusting the two dots when I was sitting and standing. Once she was happy I laid back, she put the clamp on, I took a deep breath, started to exhale and bam, in went the needle. Feck this one hurt, it felt like it took a couple of good hard pushes to get it through (I don’t like to look so can only say what it felt like). It was the most painful of the 3 piercings, it definitely went on the longest, I cursed and swore a good few times, it seemed like an eternity. The needle was in, then the ring went through which hurt a little again and I was done. Ouch it was still stinging. There was very little blood when I looked but wow it was a big old ring! I was very happy with the result, I think it looks great.

Once the pain of the piercing had subsided I pulled up my boxers and shoved a piece of sterile dressing over the piercing and put my trousers on. We had a quick chat about aftercare and I got another bottle of sterile saline solution. I was done, three genital piercings!

While I was there I also got the barbell in my guiche changed for a 2.4mm X 16mm CBR as it’s difficult to change it myself, I can’t see it without bending myself in half!

The next few days both the pubic and the guiche were a little sore but we did have sex on the day I got the pubic piercing!

Aftercare for the pubic is way easier than the guiche as it’s much easier to see and way less pain too, almost none. The guiche still gives me grief some days even after about 8 weeks.

Pubic Piercing, 1 week old

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