Pubic Piercing

I’ve had a request from the Wife.

I was running through possible male genital piercings and got to the pubic piercing and it’s benefits for the female, apparently this piercing has been described as the best male genital piercing to provide your partner with added clitoral stimulation, the Wife was very interested, she is more than happy to give it a try. So I’m game.

I think I’ll book an appointment in a couple of months or so once the guiche is fully healed so I can get a nice big ring put in it and have the pubic piercing done at the same time.

After that I want a Lorum piercing and perhaps a Jacobs ladder or a top ladder or a scrotal ladder, I don’t know exactly but some sort of ladder.

Anyway this is what I am aiming for for now PA, pubic and a lorum (and the guiche).

Image is courtesy of Elayne Angel and loads more information on her website here.

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