Guiche: 3 Weeks On

Things have got better. I was beginning to think the new guiche was going to give me pain forever. It’s a pain in an annoying place as you sit on it and there is also friction from underwear and trousers. Sometimes is difficult to get away from. But I’ve I think turned a corner, I’m not thinking about the pain 24/7 anymore, there are even times when I got no pain, happy days.

I nearly took it out at one point, pain all the time was difficult to live with but it’s on the mend and I think in another couple of weeks I’ll be completely pain free.

If you’re thinking of getting a guiche I would recommend thinking long and hard, can you get through 4 weeks of a pain in your groin region?

On the flip side the extra sensation when gently licked or massaged far outweighs the pain. Do it now.

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