8g 16mm CBR

I’ve changed direction slightly. I’m now wearing an 8g 16mm CBR and it is so so comfortable. My foreskin rolls over it perfectly and it sits flush to the head of my penis, you don’t know I’m even wearing it unless you saw the little flash of silver right at the tip. And sex is awesome, no pain or worry it’s going to rip out, The Wife can happily bang away in the cowgirl position to her hearts content without worrying either of us which if you’ve read one of my previous posts was a concern for both of us.

One reason I was worried about dropping down a ring size from 19mm to 16mm was I thought I might get cut in half when I got erect. But there is still room for me to expand into and it still looks pretty good.

I’ve got an 6g 16mm CBR which I’ll try at stage but I really do think I’ve found the perfect compromise of size and gauge with the 8g 16mm ring.

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