Hollywood Wax

Had my Hollywood wax last week.  Not half as painful as I had been lead to believe it would be.  Not half as embarrassing either.  I love the baldness (and so does The Wife BTW) and I thought that I might add waxing to my routine.  BUT and it’s a big BUT, hair started to grow within 3 days!  I was hoping for at least a week of baldness but I’ve already got 5 o’clock shadow and I’m a bit pissed off.   I might as well stick to shaving, it’s much cheaper and if I do a quick whip round every day I’m 100% smooth.

Although my sack and crack are so much smoother than I can get them so I might have those waxed every so often which will be good news for The Wife as she isn’t a fan of my hair in those areas.


One thought on “Hollywood Wax

  1. I remember my first time getting my back waxed. I was afraid it would hurt, and for the most part, it didn’t! The only time I had an issue was the upper shoulder area, near the neck. The woman who waxed me was concerned because I was laughing every time she ripped the wax off. That was when I learned I enjoyed pain. I have yet to go back to waxing anything, but recently I’ve considered going back to it.


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