House Maid Humiliation

The Wife read this article: My Greatest Desire is to be a Ladie’s Maid and decided that this would be an excellent way to humiliate me and to get a lot of housework done without doing it herself. I was ordered to purchase the frilliest pink apron I could find and then prepare myself for a morning of domestic chores on a morning of the Wife’s choosing.

Just before we went to bed one evening I was told that tomorrow was the day.

The next morning while The Wife ran an errand I was told to shower, shave my back, sack and crack, put on my pink frillie apron, a 1kg ball weight and stand by the door to await Her return. I

Standing naked apart from my apron and ball weight was humiliating. The front door opened and a sly grin appeared on The Wife’s face. “Lift up your apron so I can inspect”, even more humiliating! “Turn around, spread your legs and bend over” She gave my ball weight a good tug. Yes it can get more humiliating!!

First task was to strip 4 beds completely, wash and dry all the linen and in the meantime remake all the beds with clean linen. This took a while and once each bed was completed I had to stand next to it while The Wife inspected it.

Second task was to make The Wife mid morning tea.

Third task was cleaning 4 toilets, The Wife gave me rubber gloves and a toothbrush. It took me about 30 mins to clean each one and a great deal of sweat. I had to stand by each one while The Wife inspected it.

My last task was to clean all the grout around the bath, again all I was provided with was a toothbrush. This took me another hour or so.

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