I Found a Piercer: 5 Weeks to PA Day!

5 weeks to PA day!

Getting my tackle out in front of someone I’ve never met and then letting them stick a needle through my dick isn’t going to be easy! Sure, these are professional people and they’ve see it all before but it’s a first for me. Strangely I’m looking forward to it, I really want my PA in, it can’t come soon enough.

I’ve spoken to a couple of potential piercers, one in Reading and one in London. The studio in Reading was very helpful, the receptionist answered all my questions but I really wanted to know who was actually going to be the piercer and ask them a few more questions. I probably could have called back and spoken to the person but their website has no one currently listed under “Our Team” and this put me off a little.

Luckily I found someone on Instagram, she also has great reviews on a couple of piercing forums. I emailed her and she was so so helpful, she answered all the question I put to her about how long she has been piercing, how many times she has done this piercing, cleanliness, type of jewellery, size of jewellery, pain, nerves and whole load of other stuff. After a few emails she put my mind at rest so I booked and appointment – midday on 5th May!

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