Why the Wait? 6 weeks to PA day!

6 weeks to PA day!

You may have noticed that 5th May is a few weeks away – why the wait? Holidays, work and my very astute wife are the shorts answers.

I’m going way for a month, then I’m away on business for a a couple of weeks. I didn’t want to be swimming in grubby hotel pools and looking after a new piercing. Cleanliness is key apparently and swimming pools are a big no no.

My wife also advised waiting a few weeks to make sure I really wanted to go through with it. She’s a cleaver cookie so I took her advice as she is also a major stakeholder!

As part of my preparation I bought a couple of different size Captive Bead Rings off Ebay to see what was actually going to go through my dick. I wanted to see how big these things are and make sure mentally I was mentally prepared. I also didn’t want to be to surprised when I saw them for the first time at the piercers! The two sizes I got were 2.4mm x 19mm and 3.2mm x 19mm, the 2.4mm x 19mm is a pretty standard size for a first piercing apparently. I held them both up to the end of my dick, man I want to get this done asap! Personally I prefer the chunkier look, I’m pretty sure I’ll be stretching up at a later date but for now 2.4mm x 19mm is way big enough.

This week I’ll be investigating piercers, who shall I trust to stick a needle through my dick?

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