Guiche: The Piercing

Today was a great day. I now have two genital piercings, a Prince Albert and a Guiche.

It’s always slightly strange taking your trousers down in front of a stranger but it is even stranger discussing where you want a guiche piercing. Once we’d established that my anatomy will accept a guiche ie a ridge on the perineum not a valley, the next decision was how far towards the back or front I wanted it. To establish this my piercer gently pinched along my perineum and asked where it felt most pleasurable! My piercer then spent a long time making sure the two guide dots where the needle would go in and out were straight and level, firstly when I was lying on the piercing couch on my back with my legs spread and then checked it when I was standing up. It took a couple of attempts to do this as when I stand up my left side drops slightly for some reason. Once we were happy with the placement, the area was clamped, I took a long slow deep breath, then exhaled slowly and the needle went through. It did hurt, I would say it was worse than the PA but the pain is short and easy to handle. I’d opted for a curved barbell as the ring that was recommended was large and we were worried it might twist and turn while healing due the top of my legs rubbing it. The barbell was pushed through and the ball screwed onto the end. There was very little bleeding and that was me done, guiche in place. To get home I was given a piece of soft gauze bandage to put in my underwear. I spent the afternoon doing as little as possible, mainly sitting watching the TV. I’d been give a bottle of sterile saline solution so I’m spraying that on ever couple of hours.

guiche piercing small

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