Stretching to 4g 22mm CBR

I fitted my 4g 22mm CBR finally. It didn’t quite go as expected. I had real difficulty getting the Easy Fit Ring to go through the piercing and I couldn’t figure out why. The curved taper was in and I was backing the ring up behind it like I have done for all the other stretches I’ve done but it would not got through. It took me a while to work out what the problem was. The end of the Easy Fit CBR is not rounded and smooth like the normal CBR, I’ve taken a photo to illustrate the point. As soon as I tried the normal CBR it popped through with no trouble at all.

The ring on the left has a nice rounded end whereas the ring on the right has a blunt end that is really difficult to get through a newly stretched hole.

Here is a picture of the ring in place

I think this might be the end of my stretching journey. As I’m uncircumcised the ring has to sit under my foreskin and this ring just about does. Any bigger and I think I’ll have comfort problems. But never say never, the Wife hasn’t experienced it yet, she might want me to keep going!

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