Welcome to the PA Piercing Blog

So I’m going to do it, the date is booked – 5th May 2018 is PA day.

I have decided to get a Prince Albert piercing. I’m not quite sure why but I thought if I don’t do it now I never will.

I’ve set up this blog to document the experience as some of the most useful information I found on the internet were other blogs. In future postings I’ll explain how all this came about, the anticipation before the actual piercing, choosing a piercer, how much it hurt (or didn’t!), the aftercare, how long it took before we could have sex again and then hopefully stretching it to put in larger rings. If I’m feeling brave I’ll also post some pictures!

A little bit of background about myself, I’m 45, married with 3 kids. We live in South West London smack in the middle of suburbia. I’ll elaborate later.

So hopefully you’ll stick around for the ride.

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