Prince Albert, Guiche, Pubic Piercing Pain Factor

I thought it might be useful to rank my piercings in pain order and give a rundown on healing times, sex and life in general with each piercing.

I’m not going to lie, it does hurt but it’s only for a few seconds and after those few seconds the pain stops. I hate needles and don’t look when I’m being poked but I love the anticipation and the slight rush you get. It’s kind of addictive.

Piercing: Prince Albert

Pain: 6.5/10

Healing time: 1 month

Life: It currently sits under my foreskin and I can hide it if I want. It took a few attempts to find the perfect ring size to fit comfortably under my foreskin and also to find the correct ball size but now I it’s extremely easy to wear and I hardly notice it’s there.

Sex: After 1 week, good for me, wife took a few months to be happy it wasn’t going to get lost in her or hurt her. It’s great to have in for blowjobs.

Piercing: Guiche

Pain: 7.5/10

Healing time: Still sometimes sore after 3 months due to it location.

Life: Slightly uncomfortable at times. Gets sore if I cycle which is annoying as I cycle to work. It also chaffes the insides of my legs if I go on a walk for more than a couple of hours.

Sex: After 1 day. Great for me if it’s caressed or licked. Doesn’t affect the wife, she likes it alot as it gives her something to “aim for”, she knows exactly where it makes me go wild!

Piercing: Pubic

Pain: 9/10. I don’t know why but it hurt the most out of all 3. The pain was more intense and went on longer.

Healing time: 1 month

Life: I love the way it looks. Some things I do will put tension on it downwards which hurts a little.

Sex: On the day of the piercing. It makes no difference to me but it wasn’t to enhance my sex at all, it was purely for the Wife. She says in certain positions she can feel it rubbing her clit which is great. In a few months I’m going to start increasing the gauge and the ball size to see if it makes any difference.

To conclude, all 3 piercings added a little something to our sex life. The pubic was the most painful but I think it looks great and pleasures the Wife in certain positions. The PA took a while to find the most comfortable ring and the guiche gives me the most problem and pain still due to its location but gives me the most pleasure when played with.

I love all three and for different reasons and for the moment they are all staying put.

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