Guiche: Pain

It’s been a painful week since I had the barbell changed for a CBR. I don’t think the ring was big enough, the ring was pulling the ends of the piercing in, cutting inwards. The ends split and it was very painful, the last straw was a very nasty smell. It’s tricky to get a good look at a guiche due to its location but what I could see was very red, swollen and oozing liquid. Not nice at all. I was worried.

First thing I did was change back to the barbell, just doing that was painful. Then I started a regime of salt baths, two a day. It seems to have worked. Swelling is down and redness has gone. It’s a massive relief, if the salt baths hadn’t worked I was going to go to the doctor’s for some antibiotics, which I didn’t really want to do.

So we are back on track. Phew.

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