Stretching my PA from 10 to 8 Gauge

I’ve been wanting to move up through the gauges even before I got my PA. I was pierced with 10 gauge (2.4mm) 19mm captive bead ring and was advised by my piercer to wait a minimum of 2 months before attempting to stretch up. The next size up is an 8 gauge (3.2mm) and I’m going to stick with the 19mm internal diameter as it sits under my foreskin very nicely and is very comfortable.

To facilitate the stretching procedure I  jumped in the shower. The shower opens up the skin pores apparently and lubricates everything.  Once I’d removed my old ring I slowly inserted the curved taper from the outside.  It was a little painful at times, like a small stabbing feeling.  Once I’d got the taper full inserted I could hold the top as it came out the top of my urethra.  I inserted the new 8 gauge ring in to my urethra and lined up the external end with the fat end of the taper.  Very very slowly moved the taper and ring together into the piercing hole, once the taper came free I could rotate the ring very slowly until I could find the gap to put the ball in.  It all sounds quite easy but it took me quite a while to find the best technique.  It was a bit tender for a day or so but now it feels just like the old ring, lovely and comfortable and rotates completely freely.

The whole stretching experience has taught me that I can remove the ring and insert it back in quite easily, it has been a great learning experience.

I do like the look of the thicker ring, can’t wait for the next gauge.

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