Week 3 – Just Hanging

Externally I would say that it has healed. I have “stressed” it and had sex quite a few times and it seems fine. There is a little bit of pain when doing it doggy style but I think that’s just the angle, putting a condom on sorts that out, there is no pain at all with a condom on.

I bought a 0 gauge (8mm) 25mm CBR to see how big it was and if I thought I would ever be able to stretch up that big. I was surprised at its size, it’s big, but something deep inside of me would love to have it in the end of my dick. Anyway in the meantime I hung it from my current piercing so I could get a feel for the weight. Wow it was quite an experience, it wasn’t just the look of the think that was a turn on but also the buzz I got in the end of my dick every time I moved, it was like tiny electric shocks running down my dick as I walked around. It was a massive massive turn on. I wandered around the bedroom for ages in a constant state of arousal. I’ll be doing that again very soon!

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