Day 1

This is a day I wasn’t really looking forward too if the truth be told.

I showered and cleaned everything, removed a few blood clots and a bit of dried blood and stripped the bed and laundered everything. It might be a bit over the top but you can’t be too clean can you. Luckily it was a beautiful day in London so I put on shorts and t-shirt with a panty pand on the inside of my boxer shorts. I’d also invested in some sterile saline solution so I gave everything a good spray. The end of my cock was rather sensitive and it was still bleeding a little.

During the day I sprayed on the saline solution after I went for a wee and tried to keep everything clean. There is bit of bruise on the ead of y cock but I never felt the need for any pain killers and a couple of glasses of wine in the evening made me forget about it completely!

I showered again before I went to bed and sprayed with the saline solution. It looked as if the bleeding had stopped but I was still worried that having an erection during the night might make it start again!

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