The First night

I’m slightly paranoid about cleanliness of my new piercing so I showered before going to bed, and cleaned my penis under a cool shower getting all the blood clots off and generally making everything as clean as I could. It hurt a little but I prefer everything to be clean.
I was a bit worried I’d make areal mess of the bed so I put a dark blue towel over the bed for the firt night and wore a pair of pretty lose boxer shorts with a wad of toilet roll stuck down the front to catch any blood. Everything was going to paln until I woke up at 1.30am with an erection. Nothing I could do about it but ride it out. But I realised that the boxer shorts were constricting my erection and my new ring was pushing against the boxers and casing me rather al lot of pain. Once I removed the boxers the pain decreased, I wont say it disappeared but it definitely did reduce. The annoying thing was that every time I did get an erection I woke up as there was a bit of pain.
At about 8am I got up, showered and had a good look around. Everything was good once the blood clots had been washed away. I put on a fresh pair of boxers with a pantiepad stuck on the inside to catch any more bleeding and I was good fro the day.

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