Afternoon after the PA

I was worried about taking a pee for the first time. I left the gauze and glove on as long as I could but nature was calling. The instructions I was give said mix a quarter of a teaspoon of salt with a mug of cooled boiled water and give the piercing a good soak. So armed with my water I took off the glove and to be honest it wasn’t a pretty sight, a large blood clot at the end of my penis and blood all over it too. I carefully lowered my penis into the saline solution and let it soak until most of the blood had washed away. I removed my penis and very slowly went for a pee, thankfully there was no stinging or pain, if I forced the wee out it was painful but just letting it run naturally there was no pain at all which I was very surprised about. What also surprised me was my foreskin covered the ring completely, as a consequence my stream of urine was dead straight and in one perfect stream, no spashing nothing. Result, I can stand up and pee.

Over the afternoon whenever I needed a wee I did the same procedure and took things very gently as there was still a bit of bleeding and the end of my penis was a little sore.

I’m just wondering how to deal with bedtime as I know I’ll need a wee and I’ll almost certainly get my first erection.

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