It’s done, I now have a PA

So I had my Prince Albert piercing done this morning. The extreamly wonderful Rhianna Jones at The Circle on Noel Street in London walked me through every stage and kept me calm throughout. My manhood got stage fright and was the smallest I’d ever seen it much to my great embarrassment. Once over that I signed the consent form the piercing began.

First Rhianna put a dot where the piercing was going to be placed and asked me if it was ok. Then I laid back and let her carry on, I really didn’t want to see the needle go in. The receiving tube went in first which felt slightly strange and a fraction uncomfortable, easily bearable. Then the deep breath and long exhale and the needle went through. It was 1 second of pain, like an injection, nothing more. Yes it hurt but so so quick. Then another deep breath and exhale and the ring was put in and basically I was done. The ball was screwed onto the ring and there was a little blood to clean up. We waited for that to stop and then Rhianna put on gauze and a taped a plastic glove over everything to make sure no blood leaked anywhere on the way home. All done in less than 20 minutes. To get my sugar levels back up I was give a lollipop like you were given when you were a kid at the hairdresser’s, made me feel great.

Once we’d talked about what to expect over the next few days and weeks and the best aftercare methods I paid my £60 and I was away.

I am now the proud owner of a 2.4mm 19mm Prince Albert ring. Amazing.

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