Chastity Device Musings: 2 Weeks to PA Day

2 weeks to PA Day

My holiday is over and I’m due back in the UK in a couple of days.

I’ve confirmed my appointment with my piercer so it is all going ahead.

I’ve had a few second thoughts, one of them is explaining to the kids why I have a ring in my cock if they ever see it and sitting down for a piss for the next few months is another downside but that’s not going to stop me. From what I’ve read there are ways to combat that, I’ll let you know about the pissing aspect in 2 weeks! Yep 2 weeks!

While I’ve been away I’ve been imagining the ring in my cock, imagining what I can do with it when it heals. My wife is threatening to lock my in my chastity device and hook my Prince Albert ring around the end of so there is absolutely no way I can get out or play with myself. She’s threatening to do this early on, even before it has totally healed perhaps. Leave me in it for a while to add to my torment.

I’ve had my chastity device for about 12 years now, it’s a CB-3000. I would say it gets used about once a month, my wife tells me to put it on and I have to hand her the key. The torment is not knowing when she will let me out. The longest I’ve been in it is 3 days and boy was I ready to blow when she did let me out. Perhaps I’ll post a complete review of it at a later date. We have loads more toys which I will review too.

But let’s not run before we can walk. First we have to have the piercing done and do some healing before I can be locked away.

Can’t wait.

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