So here’s the Why: 3 Weeks to PA day.

Getting the odd butterfly in my stomach when I think about this now. I think it’s the needle in the cock that’s doing it. Other than that I just want to get on with it.

So how did we get here? Wife and I were chatting one night about tattoos and piercings came up. She has her nose pierced and I jokingly said I’d should get my cock pierced as it supposedly increases the pleasure for the woman while having sex. She pondered that unless the ring was quite large that it was unlikely to have much effect. So there and then really the gauntlet was thrown down. I didn’t ever think I’d ever have a piercing in my cock but that night something deep inside me stirred, the shackles were cast off and a deep yearning fell over me. I had to know what a ring in my cock would feel like. What a needle being poked through my cock felt like. What masturbating would be like. What sex would be like. I just need to know the answers to all these questions.

It was a great feeling, Mr Middle class never done anything out of the ordinary before could actually do what he wanted. It was only himself holding him back before and now he realised he can do what he wanted. He was the master of his own destiny.

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